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The Bird Carving Website ~ hand-carved water birds
~ ducks, geese, swans, grebes & puffins

Welcome to BirdCarver for handcarved bird sculpture.

Teresinha sculpts duck, goose, swan and other birds in lime and other hardwoods, following a period of extensive and careful study in the wild. The result is a unique bird carving that will be treasured for a long time to come. If you like unusual and attractive bird sculptures that capture the natural movement and rhythm of birds in each unique piece, then this is for you!

Teresinha specialises in hand-carving ducks, geese, swans, grebes and sea birds in traditional carving woods, such as lime.  Lime is the choice of all the finest European carvers from Grinling Gibbons to present-day masters. Each carving is then finished with traditional pigments such as chinese ink stick, followed by several coats of beeswax. No acrylic or other modern synthetic paints are used to colour them.

Most of the bird carvings on this site are small and typically 12–15 cm in length, so that they are both affordable and fit into a modern home. Each carving can be bought individually or in pairs and groups. Why not make a bird sculpture collection? If you are interested in larger bird sculptures, please get in touch.

What’s new:


Prices of swan carvings & geese carvings reduced by 45%


Prices of gannets & grebes reduced by up to 50%


Prices of dabbling ducks & diving ducks reduced by 45%


Prices of sawbill ducks & sea ducks reduced by 45%

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